Over the Holiday…I managed to find the best virus I could come in contact with….so I could enjoy several days in bed. I’m doing my best Rudolph impression all week. Currently, I am in my PJs and Kermit the Frog slippers working on a world record of sneezes in a row. YAY for me…I found the very best cold in town! So, I’m not fit for human contact…. in quarantine. Incubating the Incubus. The hottub isnt helping…dammit.

Some other interesting things happened over the Holiday. Rumors….we all know how I love gossipers. Here’s my final word on the latest Phx gossip: If you didnt hear me say it, I didnt say it. If someone else says I said it, ask yourself WHY they are motivated to pass it on but didnt challenge it when it was allegedly said? Gossipers have but one motivation…to fill an empty void in themselves. Gossip isnt about what was initially said, its about making others feel as lonely and angry as the gossiper. Period. Gossip isnt spread for the good of others, they aren’t doing anyone a favor…sometimes they feel the need to spread it to feel important. Its a selfish behavior.

My final words on this matter: I AM NOT THE MORALITY POLICE. One look at my stuff on this blog and my ads out in the world will show you I am not in charge of the morality of others and I would have a very SHORT platform to stand on to preach/judge/address the conduct of others. In reality I urge others to do what makes them happy and IGNORE the haters. Only a hater feels the need to spread gossip to stir shit. I’ll use those platforms to stand up out of the shit, but not to judge others.

To the Gossiper: Keep your hate… I’m sorry you feel that way. Makes it very difficult for me to support the circle.

 To the Recipient of the Gossip: I spent all day worried about you due to information provided yesterday. I wondered how to reach out to a stranger to offer support, particularly when the information was given under concealment (AKA GOSSIP)…then after your call, I spent the evening saying, HUH? 

On to new shit… I need to get better before New Years..Noir and I are going to be BAD. Indeed.

I’m staying in bed to play Kermit muppet shows under the covers until my cold decides its lost the battle. Fuckery dat!