Yes…this is my third post in 24 hours I think.

I just visited my website…havent even been there in a month. Havent changed anything in several months. I want to start all over.

I have:

Right now I have domain hosting and the Website Tonight software that everyone has. I would really like something cooler, I just cant decide if I want to sit down and spend all the time that is needed to rework the existing Website Tonight templates. Plus, I’m not utilizing all the options and I cant even link this blog to the website. Stupid. Also…there are a ton of reciprocal banners I should have on. Interesting tidbit that illustrates the issue at hand: I dont even have a counter on my website, that has been up and wildly successful for a year. Couldnt tell ya… I’m guessin that might be something useful to know? Duh.

I have reached my capacity to create something completely fresh from what I currently have. My choices are to start over with a new template and keep the same software and hosting. OR…do a ‘flash’ website or whatever foreign language I dont understand. I need to be able to change the content easily and have fun cool shit on there or I wont use it (just like now). I use this blog because its EASY and fun.

I officially need ideas and help. I dont want 1000 emails hustlin me for website work. If I’m going to pay someone, I’m going to a PRO. But I’m still not droppin $1000 (s) of dollars. I would rather drop $ on someone willing to teach me how to do it myself, called tutoring. At least then I’ve used my brain and am not dependent. Geez…do I have control issues? Nah…

I’m pretty sure now that I went and looked at it…it will be changing in the next few days. Cant stand stagnant.

Must sleep.