Took some time and just chilled. No phone, no laptop, no appointments.I REALLY NEEDED THAT!!   Just friends, my fav lil dude, FBB , and relaxation.  Maybe I’ve mentioned it here…dont recall, but I dont watch TV. I swore off TV a couple years ago and dont have cable at home or playspace. WELL…I spent some time @ FBBs house…and got sucked into MTV’s “Basketball Wives” marathon. OMG. I swore off TV due to watching too much MTV Real World, Real Housewives, etc…   now, I just lost 2 days of my life watching cable and I remember why I had to turn it off. Can I watch cable in moderation? sure…as long as you call not being able to turn it off and sleep, moderation. Nope…TV just isnt good for me. Makes me unproductive and sedentary. So…glad to be back to normal today!

Everybody ready to bring in a New Year? What are all of you perverts doing on the Eve? You tell me your plans…and I’ll tell you where Noir and I are going to party. Also…some of you may be interested in the after hours party location…hit me up.