So this man came to see me yesterday…he’s been here before I think. Looks familiar but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it…where…where…

Oh my goodness, this guy has had gastric bypass since his last visit and he’s half a human less. SO cool. So, I had to post this tonight after my workout…I’m proud of you guy. He said the surgery almost killed him but he’s lost like 60+ pounds like FAST. He looked great!

 Hey…if you ever wanna workout…come with me. My trainer is GOOD!  Although its hot as hell outside she doesnt seem to mind my sweating in the sun doing squats and lunges till I wanna die. No Mercy!

I’m really feeling quite blessed this evening. I feel ‘on track’ this week, have had great visits all week, and rearranged the batcave. Thanks to the Happy Pervert Club, Head Pervert Holly is content.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Mesa (batcave) around Noon…and just a heads up to all, Sunday I’ll only be around in the A.M. since I figure everyone will be doin Daddy stuff, I’ll do something fun.