I wish I could share here…so so so many things I wish I could share.

I’ve been sucked into this blog


and pretty much cant tear myself away. A blog fan from here shared it with me while we were chatting on Live…

I’m almost done reading it up to date…and I have alot of thoughts, mostly that I will share on her blog not here. BUT…I will say that she can tell all the “secrets” because she did her blog anonymously…and so she tells details of sessions and personalities that I WISH like hell I could do here. That would be interesting.

I would love to tell you in detail about the softball sized hemorrhoid that visited me, and the would-be attacker who didnt make it through processing in the initial meeting, OR the 40 or so guys who have visited for strap at one time or another and laid there like a silent woman. Or would I? Actually…when I think about it…No. I dont really want to elaborate on the grimy details of the day to day.

Thats the difference, we see it again….this isnt a job. I dont love my JOB. I’m just being ME and I absolutely LOVE being me.

So you tell me….you want the “stories” ? I’ve got a ton of them…many many. I would of course have to tell you stories of days gone by….and I do tell some stories, but I dont tell you grim stories or the INS and OUTS of the “biznes”.

P. S. I had a cool ass chick from the escort side of BP email me a question about doing Prostate Massage yesterday. That was really pretty cool. I need to start Prostate Stimulation 101 classes and invite special guest keynote speakers, that would be entertaining.

I’m going to be around all weekend…who needs a class?

Afterthought:   On this blog I’m reading all the way through for days until I’ve read it all (did I ever tell you I read every single book in my Elementary School library? support your libraries!)….she writes alot of stories based on questions her readers ask….so, if you want to hear something, maybe its best just to ask me?