Ok….its ON. Nurse Brittney is coming tomorrow evening…
Here’s what I know:

1. I’m going to try the Symbian and will need a qualified Squirt cleaner on hand. Any good lickers out there?
2. Noir will be on hand to video the event…stay tuned.
3. I’m glad to finally meet Brittney, love her sense of humor in her writing so this should be epic!
4. This is a great opportunity for my personal fantasy of double ending a boy, strap style, with Brittney. So….whos game?

Now…alot of you already know me and know EXACTLY what I’m thinking. Can I tie her up and molest her thoroughly? If I ask pretty please real nice? I’ve no idea and I’ve never met the lady so I’m going to be good for at least the first hour…

Update: The Sybian is fucking awesome, for me…without any attachments I’m for sure I’d squirt pretty quick. I only got to try it for a minute, and in my jeans…cuz its powerful and loud for my space. Im pretty sure I would wake up anyone in the house at home too…not a discreet masturbation tool for those of us who can squeeze one off laying next to someone without them being aware if needed. On the other hand…at HitachiMan’s house with some serious rope bondage (And maybe I can talk him into a dildo in my bum???) where its harder to control how much/little contact my clit has with the surface/vibration, could be crazy outrageous. I have three different types of orgasm and squirting is only one. I think with this machine I could have multiple and 2 kinds at once. That only happens in very certain situations so its rare for me. It’s also possible that I will only have multiple nonsquirting orgasms from riding the Sybian because I’ve become a very spoiled bitch with the Hitachi. And people wonder why I dont have sex with humans…
Anyway…our plans were sidetracked…Noir was busy having Jello sucked off her toes, and Miss Britt’s hotline called her away…busy bitches this group of friends. Me? What did I do? Spent the evening thinking about how the seam in my jeans felt whilst enjoying that machine!
Brittney also had a crafty fucking machine made by some brilliant engineering type. Cool piece of equipment…I need someone to make me one of those. Now that I see it can be done…and what I can see doing with it.

I’m sure the next time I see Brittney we ‘ll finish plans…but I’m going to have to catch her when she’s not so busy. Im really hoping to see her in a fabulous medical space in the next year…so that’s the energy I’m feeding her direction. Put it to the universe and it will cum.

And…this is the perfect time to introduce Fetish Feet of Phoenix….every Thurs evening. I’ll invite special guests and gave a blast. Lets get some toe on!