One of the strangest things happened today…so of course I have to tell you all about it.

Over a year ago, this gentleman visited me with an amazing story of how he was cuckolded by his wife. He was so verbose in his description of the first experience being verbally humiliated and turned into a perfect little cuck that I was glued to my seat a year ago. We role played a bit…and I taught him what I like, how MY cuck would be. Etc……

A year goes by. The phone rings today….I know who he is from the way he’s coded in my phone. Its been a long time, he doesnt remember his way to the batcave…that makes sense.

He arrives…I tell him how nice it is to see him again. HE DOESNT REMEMBER MEETING ME. He’s SURE he would remember meeting such a beautiful woman. OK. I let it go…I tell him, well you know we’ve talked some on the phone, I have a general idea of why you are here today. He accepts this…and keeps talking.

He proceeds to tell me, the EXACT same story, with the EXACT same details as a year ago. This story is so in depth it takes at least 45 minutes of my listening. Again. Detail for detail, the story is lengthy with multiple characters and their family members, and what they do, and where they live, and what their hobbies are…and how they either fucked his wife, or forced him to eat their pussies or suck cum out of their cunts. True Story. and…I believe it happened that way exactly, about 40 years ago. Let me repeat that. ABOUT 40 YEARS AGO.

Now, a year later, I’m not as gripped with the details of the story as I already know the ending and cast of characters very well. I listened the first time…

This time, I watched him silently as he relived this whole intricate story telling that spanned years in the doing. I watched him. He loves/d his wife, this cannot be denied. He misses their playtime but doesnt know how/where to find it again (they are seniors). He never said these things, but the way he picked up this story and told it like he was fondling a smooth glass marble between his fingers tells me volumes. A familiar marble that he knows intimately well.

He wants me to humiliate his small inadequate cock the way she did. Here’s the thing…no matter what I say/do, I cannot find the words or the voice of his wife and her friends 40 years ago. I already know that he will be disappointed with that. I didnt get to watch the movie and I dont know the script…the one that runs through his mind on continuous stream over and over.

Meanwhile, I’m honestly a lil creeped out that this gentleman doesnt remember doing this EXACT same session a year ago. I wonder how many times he’s told this story…

I hope when I am older….I have stories worth rubbing between my fingers like smooth glass marbles. Doubt it…I need to get to work on THAT!