Do you clean your toys?     Really? This needs to be asked? Do I strike you as the type of girl who wants to handle dirty ass toys?

Do you have a place to session? Nope I’m typically found on the intersection of Thomas and 24th st doing strap on in the sun. I like the heat…I sweat sexy baby.

Are you available 4 weeks from now?  Nope, I’m planning on being abducted by aliens for vacation.   I dunno, probably…hm…I think the website has a whole page devoted to my schedule. Silly me, I thought that would suffice.

Do you do Strap ON?  Nope, all those pictures of me with a dick are a REAL cock baby.

Do you take pictures/video of your sessions?  It would probably take me all day to get dressed for such an occasion. Dont flatter yourself.

How much is a session?  FREE. I charge $180 for the condoms and lube.

Yes I clean my toys with a 3 step process and use condoms on everything. Yes I have a place to session and you must lure me out of the batcave to do an outcall. My schedule is on the website…undated as changes happen. My offerings of support are on the website because I WILL NOT DISCUSS MONEY AT ANT POINT. EVER. Some of you can attest that this conversation will not even occur in person. EVER. Those who want to play safe, show up prepared. Wherever you found me…that information is included.

I’m preachin to the choir here…if you are here you can read and probably not the audience for this post but I’m hopin to reach the idiots who actually asked me THESE QUESTIONS TODAY (and many other days).

Happy Pervert Club- lets have some fun this weekend huh? Its hot outside, might as well play inside. I have some new stuff!