Today…I’m starting my day with a full crossdressing transformation and teaching cock sucking 101…fun through and through. Nothin like a fun forced bi scene to kick off my busy Tuesday.

Then, temptation lurks…later today this guy I’ve seen pics of is finally coming for a strap session. What’s the temptation?…hot black guy with a huge dick. We all know how hard that is for me to resist. Near impossible. I’m going to try with all my inner strength to abstain from all the things I’ll likely want to do…give me strength to not give in to the powers of the BBC!!!! Fuckery! I’m doing so good on the no sex rule…pro/personal. Dammit…

6:23 PM Update~

Holy Shit Batman I did it. I cant believe it…but I managed to psych myself ALL day “I will not let him fuck me, I will not let him fuck me’. Mantra….and it worked. What a great guy. I was hoping he was ugly, only seen pictures of the…um…beast and body. I was thinking it would be easy to resist if he were ugly. NOT. Total hottie from toe to toe and all between. Muscular and easily 9-10” of prime real estate, fat/hard/fuckin amazing cock. My pussy was so wet…my strap was more lubed on the wrong end and actually worked its way backward. How do you say…um excuse me while I go mop up my pussy and leather cuz you got me SO WET my dick cant stay in place? You don’t….I didn’t. But, couldnt get the kind of torque I woulda liked to cuz I was so outrageously wanting. I think my pussy is actually mad at me right now…the kind of ache when its greedy, teased, and denied…hurts. That was for sure the biggest test I’ve had so far. So proud of myself (as I type that my pussy is in serious disbelief and not happy!). The one saving grace…I can masturbate thinking about how that fat long cock would be like…connected to a hottie with a sense of humor and some serious swagga. Jesus. I win.

And…there is always personal time. Now he knows his way…we’ll see if he can find it and do the right things.