I have finally recovered enough from my birthday weekend to share with you the tales…What a crazy good time!

First, I must send out a huge thank you to the individual who sponsored our five star trip, in totality. We spent your money having a terrific time and thank you very much!!!  And contrary to opinion…we may have been the best behaved people in Vegas. More on that later…



Gettin Ready for some fun…

I wont tell you where we stayed…its a secret


We headed down to Downtown where we were more likely to see something inappropriate…figures, we fit in with the entertainment more than the visitors

The guy on the far left…I wanted to wash his face in the drinking fountain and do it over for him. 

 Noir asked if they charge for pictures…

 “Gene” said, “we take pics for tips”…Noir said, “so do we”.


Back to the Secret Location about 4 A.M.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

We hadn’t planned on any session Friday, we were celebrating my birthday and weren’t “working” Las Vegas. However…word was out that a couple of serious deviants were in town.

4am Sat. Morning a Hapless Victim falls into the Web





After some rest and a fabulous breakfast…time to hit the Trump Spa for toes!


And Then…to the Strip Club until the wee hours…

And…Sometimes, A girl has to express herself along the way!





Thats Ms. Noir…you know her as the Bossy Supervisor…I know her as the Bossy Co-Pilot

Had to throw this one in out of context…so funny. I love you!

So, after taking pictures all over the hotel at 3AM Sunday morning…we retire to our fabulous suite for more pictures. I ended up in a small closet in the living room…intoxicated with a camera. :)





Now…I’m trying to convert a huge video file (of true outrageous behavior) into flash/compressed so it can be seen here.

I’ll gift you a tease…