Last Sunday…I’m at home recovering from a late evening with Hitachi (Lawd knows I needed a rest!)…chillin, bbq, pool, ya know…nothing on my calendar and I was taking full advantage!

I get a text asking if I’m available. Nope. He says “PLEASE, I’m only in Phx for one day and I have a lifelong fantasy”. Oh Geez. He says, “I have read every page of your blog for the past few months and I REALLY want this”.

Ok…I have questions. You have been reading this blog for months, knew you were coming to Phoenix, knew you would only be here one day, and didnt arrange a “lifelong fantasy” in advance? What if I was simply busy?

I tell him once he has given indication of his intentions (note…I’m not moving without motivation) I will entertain the conversation but until then I’m floating and tanning. Figuring that will be the end of it (SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SO FULL OF SHIT)…I return to relax time. 45 minutes later I have the requested indication of intention. OK. Now…whats the agenda? Right up my alley!

The Background: Mr. Canada is around 30, married/kids/no sex, living in a SMALL town. He reports that he wishes he had more sex with his wife and that she was “into” the things he likes. He also tells me that he’s looking for “restrictive bondage and edging”…for 6 hours. Um…GAME ON!!!

So, I meet the Canadian…cute, articulate, and horny. We took the visit in 1.5/2 hour segments, different positions, each more severe. TIGHT TIGHT CBT helped him stay on the edge for most of his visit. I did allow him to cum twice…figured I’d really make him work for that second one. SO MUCH FUN, I absolutely get juiced watching him at max muscle flex over and over again. Cant wiggle, in his case…AT ALL. He wanted full restriction. OK :)

He tells me he masturbates for LONG periods by teasing himself while reading erotic literature. Hmmmmm….I know a thing or two about masturbation (oh thats right…he’s read the WHOLE blog and prolly knows my master masturbatory status).

I had an extremely good time, obviously. Actually, he taught me a mini-lesson. Normally, I would have declined altogether a visit that is a “lifelong” dream with no planning. To me, that makes no sense…lots of expectation with little information is a recipe for serious disappointment. However…here’s what I learned: for those of you that read this blog, you already know what I’m capable of and what I avoid. I never considered that this blog would work as a self selection filter but it makes perfect sense. He knew my sense of humor, my perverted nature, and my flexible yet rigid boundaries.  He was the perfect visitor…honest, communicative, eager, satisfied, generous, fun, flexible, willing, and HARD.  The instant his cock and balls were tied up…he was ready for action, 10pm to 4am…tiny breaks at midnight and 2am. Awesome fun.

I crashed on the couch at the studio…and then he texted…and came back at 3pm for 4 more hours. I love my life. Thank you Canada!