I recently heard that MANY MANY BDSM sessions to NOT end in an orgasm? Eh? Really….Holy Smokes Batman…I had no idea. I’m marching¬† to my own drummer to such a degree I hadnt even given it consideration. Somehow this was shocking information to me. Hmmm…let me share my thoughts on that.

I’m UBER happy I defined myself as a Fetishist and not a Domina from the beginning. I find the Dominatrix role VERY limiting, always have. I tell people that I can jump in and out of that role comfortably but that they are, in my opinion, underestimating the potential fun to occur elsewhere. My FAVORITE role…is the NEW stepmother. Ahhhhhh yes. Back to the point…when I hear stories of men cowering in the corner, jerking off after a session, with an alotted 3 minutes to ‘take care of it’, I realize whoa we are definitely going a different direction.

Ya see…I came to this scene honestly enough…I’m just a real pervert. I didnt come having a worldview of female supremecy…I came knowing I’m the shit when it comes to perverthood. It never even occurred to me to abhor male ejaculation…It certainly did occur to me to time trial how many times can I force a man to cum in 33 minutes? Or…how long can I make THIS guy hold on to ecstacy before finally letting him cum. I”M in control of every millisecond of that and I find THAT powerful. I sometimes say, “I can make a man cum 100 ways, and I’m superb at least 10 of them” LOL. And no, haters, none of those include my mouth or pussy…that’s easy cheating.

Stupid shit I think of early in the morning: If I tie a guy to a chair and force him to watch different kinds of porn, and make him cum to some really disgusting shit, will he feel guilty about that- could that fuck someone up for life?

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…So I’m trolling through ebays limited selection of enema supplies and equipment and what do I find-

Insertable Inflatable Anal Balloon

Hmmmmm….¬†¬† I had to have one of course.

Im interested to see if a guy can cum from this… but hey that’s just me. Sorry dude hurrying up to jack off at the end of a session. Um…we’ll be ova here in Mesa investigating at precisely what moment this or some other toy, in various combinations of friction and sensation medleys, brings about the biggest load.

Wow I’m a smartass huh?