Most of you dont know there is a man in my life, I never talk about him publicly. He’s smart, funny, adores me, has fabulous fashion sense, and is overly obsessed with his hair. I love him more than anything else and always will. Until I die. Forever.

He’s easily gleeful…I love making him happy.

He’s turning 7 tomorrow. Its a BIG DAY! I wont be answering my phone, I probably wont take it with me cuz we are playing hard all day tomorrow. Water slides all day (unless it rains GRRRRRR), and we’re¬†shuttin down an East Valley arcade/food joint and having a herd of 7 year olds attend a serious birthday event. I’m STOKED (but a lil worried, I’m not so kid friendly…glad I’ll have help)

I made a permanent decision to never have children of my own. However, this particular child is a blessing, a gift, and he is treated as such. While he may not be perfect (yeah right, hes AWESOME!!), he seems content enough to be the King in my world.

So…I hope everyone visits me today so I have lots of $ to spend on him tomorrow. Make it happen!

We will soon discuss my own birthday plans…its coming!