I’ve been joking around for a year about opening an Inpatient Masturbation Treatment Facility…a mock clinic where we assist each other in our masturbation issues. SO MANY (myself included) over self gratify and know it. Wouldnt that be just about the most hilarious fun? Imagine, you check yourself in for the weekend to analyze, discuss, and plan to resolve your frequent masturbation. We could do group therapy to discover our thoughts/feelings/fantasies and how that relates to our constant need for release and self pleasure.

I joke…but this has come up SEVERAL time again this week, folks want to have a fun edging session but cant fully enjoy it because of erectile issues…stemming from years of overstimulation. I’m just as guilty, as soon as I discovered the Hitachi regular orgasms left the building. I have to intentionally leave it alone for days/weeks before I can be stimulated enough to cum any other way. This is a PROBLEM for those of us who like spontaneous situations when they occur. We end up killing our chances of having fun on the spur of the moment because we’ve self gratified recently.

So…how much crazy fun would it be to learn this all over again?  We’d have to commit to two weeks prior to the weekend retreat for NO masturbation, watching porn, or having sex. Think we could do that? probably not! So…maybe I should just order a whole case of chastity devices and pass them out like lollipops! Chastity??? omg NO. Oh hell YES! Not to be used to control…to be used more clinically…like treatment. OMG that’s hilarious to me.

I wonder if men could openly share their experiences with other men?  Noir said she thinks that y’all wont do something like this (even for fun) because y’all cant be around each other and talk about such things. I say…I wonder. I’m sometimes surprised…by what’s possible. I think if you are given a safe place to be your wonderful perverted self…anything could happen. Even if the ONLY thing everyone walked away from this weekend with was a full understanding of how masturbating several times a day diminishes our chances of having a fulfilling event with another human being…I will call that success!

There are some interesting recent comments on the Questions posting that led to this posting, go read that for sure..

I’m thinking today…I have several Bachelors Degrees and a background in mental health, perhaps I should look into certification as a Sex Therapist. I dont see myself ‘assisting” couples/individuals with their intimacy (I’m just picky about whats inside me, go figure)…but I can definitely see myself NORMALIZING alot of the shit we spend so much time beating ourselves up about sexually. When I read that someone feels “haunted” by their fantasies…that makes me sad (last question on that post). Jeez…we have enough stress applied externally, why oh why must the very things that may give us joy be a torment?

Sidenote: when I’m back in college AGAIN for whatever little tidbits someone will want for certification I’m going to take the classes I need to do my own awesome website. I’ve learned this last year that in order for me to get what I want…I need to just do it myself. TRUE STORY.