Ok…the only other time I’ve posted an email I’ve received on this blog was the McDonalds Full Toilet guy…(click on “full toilet” on the tag cloud for that one). So…you KNOW this has to be a winner or I wouldnt break discretion, but shit this a good one that I cant rob you of experiencing.

Email from jerk:

Hi, I’ve noted your BP ads and became intrigued.  Then did a little.research and found your web site.

Seem sorta legit , so here goes…

I’m interested in a session with two or even three doms, who would always be participating and carrying out on me  all manner of erotic torture and stimulation.   Doms would stay largely clothed thru_out. No beatings, whippings, floggings, spankings.  I would expect to arrive and have all three gals tear at my clothes and dispose of them.  Then ya’ll wrestle me back on to a St Andrews cross or otherwise tie me up.   Once secured, do with me what you will!  Two or three different gals doing separate erotic things with me but all according to a plan –  a plan only you know.

But, I will have some say in one aspect, one goal.  That is, I want a period sometime during the first half hour when everyone’s attention
is on providing me the most exquisite  combination of hand job /  blow job ever given based on tease and denial techniques until I can’t take it anymore.  All three pitch in with their own unique style of keeping me on the edge as long as possible.

Two more things about this part of the festivities:  1) your gals must be attractive, enthusiastic , and know what they’re doing,  2) after I cum, the hand job should continue on, forcefully,j for at least five minutes more, maybe ten if possible  Never minding my shouts of pain and pleas to stop.  It goes forward.  So called “Orgasmic Torture”.

Perhaps we do 90 minutes for a session, but out of that time I want 20-30 min. for my torture fantasy,

You might say i’m getting proposals from a couple of the Valley providers.  So, please think over whether this is something that you’re comfortable with, indeed could enjoy – then email me back with a selection of dates I can choose from and an approximate fee for the event.  Also, I would strongly prefer this as incall to a private redirect or facility – am not interested in conducting the session in a motel, hotel, transient suites, etc.  Finally, I will be outnumbered and restrained. … so don’t want to see any husbands, live-ins, boyfriends, pimps, or other malingerers hanging round!

With the right people, at the right place, with the right Attitudes, and the right price, it’s a win-win

Thanks for considering, hope to hear from you one way or 

MY response:

a lil research indeed. I could do a session like this…but finding other Domme providers willing/able, not easy babe. I would guess if you have farmed out this session to the community you havent found anyone truly able… I know the provider community well.

1. You start this off with the insult that I “seem legit”. Yeah, I’m legit and I’m one of a kind here in Phx and VERY busy.
2. I appreciate your detailed requests…I also note that you are seeking “bids”. That’s so…cheap.
3. Find 3 attractive advertised Dommes in Phoenix…who will all want to blow you. Right.  You need ONE Domme and 2 escorts that will follow her lead. The Domme has the brilliant plan and the escorts suck dick.
4. None of us have men around during sessions. That’s escort behavior. You seem to have the teams mixed up. I dont need a pimp to keep me safe, my boot in your throat is usually enough.
BTW…we all know each other, we meet and party and stuff. You think a group of competitive women who all specialize in the NONSEX are going to collaboratively suck your cock? Refer to #3 if you really want this to happen.
I decline. I’m too busy to put alot of work coordinating the players for this type of session, for budget entertainment. In addition, a lil more research would have landed on you my blog (a large community of LEGITness) where I address this…I decline EVERY session that is farmed out. You arent lookin for me, you are just lookin. If you had approached this differently, “Miss Fortunes I know for sure you are the only provider in Phoenix who can make this happen, will you please?”…then we’d be somewhere. This email just reads…arrogant.