Last night Myself,  Noir, and Noir’s lil submissive bitch did a FUN session. Listen to this! He wanted…3 FULL bladders. He got…way more than he bargained for!

I started hydrating around 4 for this session due to begin @ 7pm…Noir’s client asked her for 3 women, with full bladders of Golden Showers. Well….he didn’t know who the other women were and I’m sure he was surprised when I showed up. We all know I’m not pansy assin around…you want it…get ready for it cuz here it comes.

I brought my queening chair so we ladies would be comfortable in our delivery. Indeed…we were. We all took turns for two hours showering him in “nectar”…in total he took 8 showers. Cleaned us up nicely too! I’m going to guess he wasnt ready for 8 but he was compliant and since I’d been drinking for several hours…my effort isnt going to be wasted~ he was going to take it ALL!


Note: Dont ask for that which you dont want…most likely, you’ll get more than you bargained for with ME!