I’ve waited since Wednesday to hear from this individual, no word….so I thought I’d share one of the all time oddest things that have happened since Fortunes started. I get an email that a significant gift was sent to me by Paypal…by someone I dont know. Then…I get an email from this person illustrating a fantasy scenario. I responded with…”WHY woudn’t you check to see if I even want to do this session before sending me a gift?” He says, “small price to pay to see if you are real”.

I’ve heard that before and it always reads as an insult, am I real? Nope…the whole thing is a big hoax. Dummy.  Honestly, I probably wouldnt have scheduled an appointment based solely on that. But…I sorta felt bullied by the pre-gift and put him on my calendar. He clearly misjudged the situation when he wanted an immediate appointment…yo dude, Im booked that day. We schedule, and re-schedule…THEN we settle on a time and its confirmed. No show.

Thats a first. Seriously?

As has become a tradition, I purchased a Dungeon Gift with this….and here it is: