I feel as though I must finally comment on an issue…not a new issue, but one that needs to be addressed even though I shouldn’t have to.


After my third visit this weekĀ  coming to me shitty…I gotta say. CAN YOU PLEASE DOUCHE YOUR ASS BEFORE VISITING ME? Is that too much to ask?

Hey listen, if you fucked a girl in the ass and your dick came out stinky shitty…would that negatively impact your arousal? It does mine. Why does this even need to be said. I hear, “I didnt know” alot. Really? So then you wouldnt mind if she had a shitty ass?

I’m tired of the shits. Not only does it stink when I’m fucking you…its not good for you either. Your asshole doesnt appreciate being reamed with a coating of sandpaper on my dick. Ya see…shit is an irritant. So, when your rim is burning and itching the next day…dont blame me or my technique. And.. dont blame me when I speed that session to the end while battling shit fumes and you are still wonderin…”whats wrong Miss?”

Just because I have an ass fetish doesnt mean I also share a shit fetish.

Words to live by: Disposable Enemas are cheap.