Ive stewed a minute on whether or not to post this but I simply cannot resist…

The other night, Hitachi from this blog participated in a first time event. Noir and I were hanging out overnight at the playspace…we usually have no idea what will happen but it seems something exciting always does. This has become a weekly ritual on Tues and Wed night…we play all day and then we wonder what will happen in the evening. Its always something different, rarely planned, and its one of the few times in the week we allow “pick up” appointments that arent prescheduled. OMG this week was CRAZY fun…Hitachi hits me up late in the day “what are you up to”, “not much you coming through?” “yup see you soon”. Now, Noir hadnt played with Hitachi previously…and we spent some time plotting out what fun we would have with him. Not to be so.

Hitachi asks if he can tie up Noir and spank her. She said “sure” and I got nervous. I’ve never seen Noir in bondage of any kind and we all know shes pretty bossy and I’m trying to imagine her the “victim”… shes going to need a gag. For sure. Hitachi did a rope harness and attached her to the suspension frame and bound her well. Then, he spanked her SO hard I thought she would kill me when released. At one point Hitachi took a two step wind up and spanked her as hard as he could, and reported later he broke a blood vessell in his hand. We spanked her tits, but her ass got a serious whuppin with paddles, hands, whips, floggers, and the kitchen sink. Usually I’m not “turned on” by this type of session, but I gotta tell ya I got a serous high from the SQUEALING. Hearing Noir squeal after every blow, like a 12 year old schoolgirl was EXCITING. I could not stop laughing and nearly pissed myself several times from laughing so hard at her predicament. Does this make me a bad friend? Apparently not cuz she loved every minute of it.



This event got me to thinking when she sent me an email thanking me for sharing my fav guy Hitachi. I know that most pros dont like to share their top visitors or introduce them to other pros…and I’ve heard all the warnings as to why that is. I now realize, after this fun session, that for experienced players who need an experienced switch…who else would I ask? Who else could take that serious a spanking and enjoy it?  Not going to find a girl off the street for that! 

Thanks Hitachi…for the rope lesson and the sheer fun. You rock.

To the rest…dont expect this kind of session, Hitachi is the only guy I’ve allowed to tie me up alone in my life…hes earned my trust. You must also before this would be considered. I didnt post this story to offer Noir up for beatings, but rather to share a new found perspective :)

Happy weekend Perverts.