was spent at the nail salon, pretty much the whole day. At 9 am the cleaners came to the batcave to tear it apart, clean it, shampoo the carpets and reassemble. I…was not inclined to work that hard and thusly spent the day soaking my toes. I came back to a very clean batcave. YES. I’ve finally found the best cleaning crew. I’m not overly bitter that I must resume taking out the trash (since the dismissal of the personal sub)…

Then…I promptly fell asleep for a serious nap. A nap that involved Olympic quality drooling. The phone rings…I wake up. Too late. I text. I receive the following:  “I’m a black guy who is a freak”. I’m awake now…  I tell him I need to shower and have some coffee. He says, “too bad you missed me”.

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! I nearly shot coffee out of my nose.

Just in case you were wondering America. There is only one of me…and thousands of you. So, please forgive me if I dont hop on one foot and pant when you call. On occasion, I do need to rest/eat food/masturbate…and typically these occasions take a priority. I know…shocking!

Other News:

I need to come up with a fun idea for Saturday Night. Lets have a party! I was thinking…about posting up at the glory hole in Tempe and charging $5 a blowjob. No, I wont be giving the blowjobs, but I would be happy to take pictures of YOU giving. And, I will probably have scoring cards. 8.5 for form and an extra point for licking balls.