Here it is again…how the hell did that happen so fast? Last year you may remember, Noir FORCED me to celebrate it…I normally dont celebrate my bday at all. I explained to BB the other day…if my life is good and I do the things I want to do any given day, why celebrate that one day more than any other, and I dont celebrate life by buying objects. Not my style….

This year….I’ve decided to start a new tradition for myself. I decided to buy myself a present that isnt a THING…  I bought plane tickets for my very dear friend to come visit me. I havent seen her in 10 years and I’m so excited to see her I could bust. Now…the days will tick by slowly like when I was 12 and waiting for last day of school/summer vacation. Why didnt I think of this sooner???? I’ve not been “home” in over a decade, doubt I will visit home voluntarily…maybe ever. There are only a few people from that era that I want to see and I’ve always figured its too much drama…I gotta see the folks I dont want to if I visit home. BUT…I just figured out that I can just bring them here. I’m such a slow genius…really.

So, the plan for tomorrow…  I’m going to the playspace early, Im having a girlfriend over and teaching her everything she ever needed to know about her husband’s prostate, I’m hanging out with Noir, and I’m going to be as naughty as I can. Wait…thats just a regular Wednesday…see told ya, how do you celebrate when your day is already normally outrageous…

BB…I know you are antsy to play…overdue. Lets get that on the agenda Fri? Sat? Sun?

Hitachi….where’s my bday spankin?