I don’t advertise for Brown Showers…why? Because I was only convinced by ONE man to offer it at all. He called me several times, we discussed it at length, and he was patient with me while educating me about the fundamentals/roots of this fetish. He made it SAFE for me to practice and find my comfortzone without heavy expectation. He allowed me to grow into the role. He demonstrated how important I was to him by flying in,  from out-of-state, consistently for sessions. I’ve been heard telling others who ask for this type of session that I am, “in an exclusive relationship for BS” because he has taken GOOD care of me. Thats a tough act to follow for anyone asking for this (or any) kind of session…

Today I received another request for brown that fell short…when I quoted him $400 I received this reply:

It does not surprise me that a lot of so called Dom’s have a hard time making money these days like others. Everyone needs to get real and look at where this country is at and stop taking adage of people. There is to much GREED in this world. NEXT TIME YOU PAY 4 DOLLARDS FOR GAS DON’T COMPLAIN your no better than the rest of the blood suckers . I’m a manager at Mc Donalds and that’s more than I make in a week. I see your type all the time the poor get poorer and the rich get rich. Your time is coming how do you sleep at night $400.00 you will die a very lonely person. Sincerely a real Professional that has graduate from high school not a drop out loser.

My Response via email: 

I forgive you for the dying comments…you deal with the general public and I’m guessing that has affected your manners.
If you knew me better…you would understand that this kind of angry/hostile communication, unwarranted, truly hurts my feelings. If you had read my blog www.missfortunes.blog.com you would know that I share your concerns with greed in my industry. If you knew the national market for your specific fetish, you would know that I’m offering it at half the market rate, and make it expensive on purpose baby…how many of these sessions do I want to do? Would I rather do 10 @$40 or 1 for $400? I don’t understand how I’m taking advantage of anyone, its a voluntary program lol. Now, If I promised it and didn’t deliver and didnt refund…then you have a bitch and a rightful one. Those that can afford to play, do.
I think Storm does this for relatively cheaper…you might want to call her (but geez be nicer!) and see what shes got runnin.
The anger in your communication…where is that coming from dear? Directing it at me is out of context. You don’t need a professional BDSM/Fetish provider to find these things any more than you need a hooker to get laid. Find a girl on Fetlife.com or Collarme.com and then its not a financial matter at all. But, don’t come to a pro fetishist and then complain how much one of the most expensive fetishes (because its hard to find) is. That makes no sense. I’m sorry you don’t make that in a week, I don’t know you to call you a loser, I would guess you work hard for your money.  And finally, I’m not sure where you heard that Doms aren’t making money… I would encourage you to keep your hard earned money. I don’t need it. I have four college degrees and just retired from my first career.
Moral of the Story: Stress Kills! This email comes across bitter and hostile. Breathe baby… this is just not that serious and you are going to give yourself a heartattack with so much negativity to be wishing death on strangers. Thats bad Karma and you can represent yourself better to the universe.
LoserMail Response:
I DO NOT NEED OR EVER WILL SEEK YOUR FORGIVENESS OR WISH TO KNOW YOU BETTER. You have no feelings your all about the dollar and watching that clock to seek another poor soul you can rip off.Im not going to waste my time reading your bullshit about how you care. Your e-mail  speaks for its self   400 . And you have the four degrees. I don’t need degrees to define who Ian. Probably an online degree to do nothing for man kind. Your so bless with all that money you can stay in school forever and still be empty inside and spend little effort if any justifying your 400 dollars. Sure your not taking advantage of anybody sure just like the guy they sent to jail after he rip off all his inv esters and friends in the stock market. Greed hell with the poor sub seeking to serve a Mistress. You make all the submissive sick with your greed for money. $400.00 DOLLARS You have no idea how hard I work for that kind of money. I look at my check and the state and feds and the city takes there share of taxes to give to people who don’t even pay a dime. This country is going down hill with people like you I’ll kept my manners thank you before I become a person likes you. A person that takes and never gives a break to a working soul. Four degrees and retired you would think you could help out the poor, but know you want more. Its call greed and you call your self a Pro. What do you know about calling your self a Professional. If your were Pro I’m sure you have a code you go by like any professional Doctors, Firemen. Police officer etc. Tell me your code of conduct. Yea right I don’t even have a degree and I can run circles around your theory of thought to justify $400.00 DOLLARDS for an hour. Come on you can’t be serious its not like your 25 years old your 40 something maybe 50. You hurt all the real Mistress out there that are reasonable with there time. Bottom line with you is $ 400.00 I’m not going to waste anymore time explaining my discuss for people like you. Your a parasite you live off of others never paying your share to this country you live in. Yes karma try asking others what they think of your $400.00 dollars for an hour of your time and see what they say ?????? moral to your story maybe you can represent yourself better in this world and think of the others that can’t afford to go to college and get 4 degrees or be charge $400.00 dollars hour. Your all about the clock,money and yourself give me give me hell with the poor I’m a rich bitch I don’t care about the poor and there hard times just pay me $$$$$$$$$$$          GREED GREED GREED             NOW YOUR  HAPPY      ENJOY YOUR PATHIC SELF
Whoa. That’s self explanatory I think. This guy is going to go home and kick his dog. Be on the lookout for an angry shit eater, America. Apparently I should be hanging my ass out the window and shitting on command for those who want to “serve” on a budget. This guy would be outstanding “service” no doubt. Um, I’ma pass on that, thanks so much sexy. Yer so adorable with your axe baby.
He’s right about one thing, I’m really 35. I’m ok with the shame of this lie. I will be 30 forever…