1. I will not apologize for being busy. I’m blessed for it.  Make an appointment to eliminate your disappointment. Hint: there is a REASON I’m busy…
  2. I am cranky when I’m tired…I sleep, eat, and other things humans do. Shocking I know. As a result, Im not always able to immediately answer email, texts, or flares shot into the air. I also dont hop and bark when asked.
  3. I  have favorites- be OK with that. Asking me to “bump” an appointment with my favorites will reward you with hearing my laugh and probably never taking your call again. Respect.  These are the people who make me better, who teach me greatly, who raise the expectations…and who shock the shit out me and continually expand the limitations.
  4. I’m strangely attracted to Marilyn Manson.
  5. I need a vacation. Truly.
  6. I’m sometimes weirded out when I think someone recognizes me out and about…especially when I’m being bad. On that note…I’m going out tonight, catch me if you can!