This week, I experienced two different men, with two different milking fantasies…both of whom were FUN as hell.

First this older tiny man came to see me a few days back. New to me…so I didnt have too much conversation before meeting him. I’m assuming he’s visiting for the usual reasons (c’mon, we all know how I spend the majority of my time). Nope. The milking ad has caught his attention. Why? Because when he was in his teens, he came in his pants from watching a cow being milked. He said the visual of watching the girls stroke the udders was enough to cum. He said he wanted this done to him. OK. New…so I put him on the table in the usual order, face up. I thought I understood what he wanted…I didnt. He wanted me to literally milk his penis. OK. I was raised on a farm…I’ve milked cows since I was 4. It takes incredible hand strength to effectively milk a cow completely…there is a rhythm and a specific technique-squeezing and moving downward, relatively hard squeezing.

I explained that this may hurt him, if he wants me to authentically milk his penis. He begs. Um…OK. I needed him to move to a more comfortable position…all fours on something soft. He complied. Then…I stroked his cock from the balls downward to the head with one hand, while with my other hand I had pulled his balls back and had a hard grip on the internal base of his penis. He whimpered. With my left hand firmly squeezing the internal portion of his penis, making his cock seem HUGE, I began really milking his cock with my right hand. In the same way I would a real cow. He moaned and moaned, and every time he said he was about to cum. I stopped. Waited. And started again. Anyone else…this shit would have hurt. We arent talking about a loving milking here…we are talking about squeezing with point pressure between thumb and third finger HARD all the way down the cock with the rest of the hand/fingers all supporting cast members. SERIOUS MILKING. Eventually…he couldnt stand it anymore and came ALOT. He said that it was better than he imagined it would be and he has been jerking off to this fantasy for 40+ years. WHOA.

Then, today, a new guy visits. Cool hippie older guy. Nice tats dude. Super cool attitude. He’s here because he is curious about strap on. I ask questions, I always ask questions. When was the last time you masturbated? Do you ever masturbate with objects/vibrators/etc? When was the last time anything was in there? Was it a PRO or a GF? He gives me the info I seek. So, I pull the table 2 feet from the wall, have him lay down face up, and then chain his ankles to the wall far above his head, forcing him into an almost headstand. He’s safely on his shoulders…ankles to wall, oh, and…what’s this? Oh…your cock is now directly above your mouth. Nice. I began stroking his cock, seperated his ball and cock with cock/ball rings, and teased him until his cock was rock hard and his balls looked full and tight. I teased him with the Hitachi until he was THROBBING. Then…I slowly and methodically milked him until he came in his own mouth.

Then…I put him in the queening chair and made him drink my squirting cum. And, only THEN did I fuck his whorehole well until he gave me an excellent second showing. He had to really work for that second orgasm…and it seemed to grip him for a LONG time. Think he’ll be back? LOL LOL LOL find that somewhere else, I dare ya to try.

A very fun day today…I hope tomorrow is TOO! Good Night Perverts!

P.S. See what a couple of good sessions can do for my mood? Happy Holly today!!!