I keep getting kicked off backpage for saying MILKING. There I said it. AN EXCELLENT COCK MILKING. OMG…no thunder or lightning happened. OH that’s right, I’m on my own fucking territory. Beautiful.

Ok…I’m officially leaving for a crazy weekend in Vegas Fri early am. SO….From now until then I’m going to have some fun making my bail fund (just in case, you never know!!)

This Ad has been removed from Backpage completely:

Recipe For Fun:

1 Pt. Bondage

1Pt. Eager and Willing Victim

1Pt. Miss Fortunes

10 Pts. Teasing until you think you might cum from your Big Toe


Must tease vicitm for long periods to produce VOLUME.

Victim is not allowed self application and will require restraint.

So tonight and tomorrow I’m offering $150 sessions for

Milking- see other blog here for details


Queening with Squirting


I also added a “Donate” button for Paypal to the website pages, so if you want to buy me a table dance from a hot stripper for the weekend, I’ll love you forever!!  www.miss-fortunes.com