Well America…I’ve returned two days later, virus-free.

Sometime last week I got infected with 4 viruses simultaneously….pretty sure where it came from. In the few days I was unaware, I posted new pictures here last Wednesday. Then…this blog was flagging security on your computers as infected and I became aware of the situation when a few of you gave me a heads up email. Thank you to those folks, you find out who is willing to spend a moment to help a girl out!!

Since then..I hired www.mycomputerworks.com to remote in and scan all Fortunes harddrives/towers/jumpdrives/external drives/photo cards/EVERYTHING. I highly recommend their services and will be keeping them on the books (SO cheap @ $25 a month to protect my community!!!).

So, I’m back online and secure again. But, this is the second problem I’ve had with the Blog.com platform. So…of course I cant leave well enough alone. I bought www.blog.missfortunes.com through Godaddy and will now be hosting my own blog on their platform, one I know is as secure as can be expected with WordPress software…we’re secure here, no worries, but there is some appeal to creating my own. I dont know how to do it…something new to learn. Dont expect us to be going there directly, I have to build my stuff from scratch and havent a clue but you can bet it’ll be COOL as shit when I’m done!

Happy Wednesday and glad to be back!!