At 630 AM I receive this text:

“Are You Available?”

at 819 AM I wake up…and respond, “Why would I randomly be available at 6am?”

His Response, “You Tell Me, I read your ad and thats what it said.”


OK…here’s todays wake up call. 1. I never post any ads at 6am cuz I”M SLEEPING. 2. WHY IS RUDE the common demoninator lately? “You tell me?” I wont visit with RUDE…no bother trying. Everyday someone is rude or disrespectful to me on the phone. I wonder if there is an app for my Evo for payback…must investigate.

RUDE RUDE RUDE RUDE… I’m getting more and more inclined to stop taking calls and stick with email. What do you think about that?


So, since I’m inĀ a passive aggressive mood today…I dedicateĀ this morning’s naked sunbathing to the assholes of my community.