Had WAY TOO MUCH personal fun this weekend, if you were keeping me busy, I’d stay out of trouble!  No real trouble, just stayed up late too many nights in a row~ Holy Smokes I need to sleep.

I found a fun play partner on Fetlife.com~ has lots more BDSM furniture and toys than I, but WHOA NELLY I like things I didn’t even know I would. For instance, I absolutely love having my tits in bondage and spanked/flogged/impact play…who knew.I also found out that the Violet Wand on my clit makes me primed to squirt in seconds. I didnt realize I was going to like so many naughty naughty things on the bottom. I wish there was some safe way to play with strangers…cant figure out how to do these types of scenes without supervision (which feels weird to folks I guess???? feedback please!)

So-collective genius from the Pervert Club is needed here…give me ideas on how to safely switch so I can have way more fun in my days.