I was talking with a friend the other day about this blog…I havent posted in over a month. Why? I dont know.

Or do I and just cant say?

Part of the reason is because certain individuals ruined it for a moment. I’m sure you can imagine how draining it could be to receive a gazillion phone calls-texts-emails a day. Ok, well imagine if there are certain folks you dont want to interact with and actively ignore…and those folks call, text, and email more than all the rest combined. Now add the pressure involved when you post details of your daily life and those folks who you dont want to interact with have daily details. Oh the joy.

Buzz kill.

So I’ve been on vacation while eliminating and purging negativity. In the meantime, I’ve been busy. I’m down to a size 13-14 as I write this tonight. The right people have finally come along for a new website and an upcoming photo shoot I’m terrified to do, but I will.

I’m not sure if you all realize that I’m super honest on this forum and I shouldnt be expected to be every mother fuckers friend. Just saying.

I think back to when I was telling stories and posting all the time. Any idea how much work it is to censor, filter, and record the doings of the perverted? Alot of time invested here…and then I was talking to my friend the other day and realized

When did I lose interest in myself? Just about the moment it was time to change. I’m lookin back wonderin…how I started something and then let it control me.

Why am I being polite? Dommes are supposed to be balzy. Well, because I have grace and that doesnt equate to weakness.

So, for the few assholes who know I’m speaking about them, fuck off. Polite is over.

For the rest of you…the fabulous, I’m BACK!!!