Right Here…

I’ve been hanging with my favorites pretty exclusively the past couple months and spending the rest of my time on self improvement. Down a few sizes you’ll notice…but the rest of the story is:

I got a lil bored with the status quo…and the important folks in my life noticed, and rectified the issue with new shit. Along with the Erostek, HitachiMan decided I needed some new fire so he went far above and beyond. Check out the new Fuck Bench and ErectorSet from www.DungeonDelights.com






















Its a fully customizable steel frame of interchangable parts including four different sizes of wrist shackles, three sizes of ankle shackles, and three collars. Also, it can go to 30 or 90 degrees angles and has a STEELDO attachment. This thing can be put together in 100s of ways and I have a need to see two locked together ass to ass. Call me a pervert, I dont care. Tee Hee.















OH! something else arrived with all these toys. Three different sized SxySadist toys. These are locked on like a chastity device, only the inside of the portion that locks around the cock are lined with SPIKES. Tease and Denial takes on a whole new flair!











One more thing…I bought Nurse Brittney’s medical exam table. She graciously offered it to me first, and I gobbled it up right away. She’s taken excellent care of this vintage piece and the stirrups are in great shape, waiting for a patient!

New pics are coming…I need my fabulous friend for that. But until then…this public service announcement says…we are back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Pervert On!










Lastly…I get tired of being copied. My thoughts, opinions, worldview has been copied by several and it makes me silent here. HitachiMan said it best the other day…Keep Trying ladies, the accessories alone would be impossible. I’ve decided to keep doin me and the followers will still be two steps behind.