Some folks just dont get it…you know who you are…give an inch and they’re off!   There are those who immediately begin the game of 20 inappropriate questions…

1.  Can you describe a prostate masssge?  not better than google, no.

2. Do you do strapon?  um…fucking DUH.

3. What is your rate? quickest way to insult me is coupon shopping and talking to me like im a whore, on 15min increments.

4. Do you do fetishes? if u see me writing about ut…its a safe bet.

5. Are you available NOW? Most of the time, im never available same day . A few dillholes actually hangup while im speaking. no golden ticket handouts for these fuckers.

6. im looking for…and then they list everything i dont do. really?

i had a guy once ask me for snowballing…as in passing his cum back to himself…ORALLY. um…

only if

…you can role play shorter