Noir and I did something really crazy last night…

I’m going to tell only half of the story here and Noir will have to tell her half to give you the whole picture. Here we go..

Hitachi, my all time favorite playmate, came through last night for a double. Not the typical, usual, DOUBLE.  Nope. Noir and I were both going into bondage at the same time. OMG. We got ready, had some wine, and got excited together…we spent a solid hour figuring out what to wear when I checked my phone. Oh shit, missed a text from Hitachi.

“No Speaking unless I ask either of you a question and remind her I will put her on the porch naked if she doesnt comply. You will be blindfolded. I have latex shirts that each of you will wear, plan for this”.

I freak out and almost cancel. OMG. This is getting serious and I’m worried about the “outfit”. Fuck. FUCK. I need xanax. Ok….better. FUCK.

Hitachi arrives, costumes are donned, we look hot. Should have trusted trusted trusted (how do you guys trust me when you dont know me???). Ok, here’s where I can only tell you half of the story because Noir and I were hooded and seperated. I know that Noir was in another room and I could hear her voice, at times, but couldnt tell you a thing that happened to her. We didnt discuss it much after the session either so I still dont know. I’ll read it right along with the rest of you.

So…latex hood on, I’m placed on a stool with the hitachi in my sweet spot and told, “hold on to it, if you want to keep it” and he walked away to bind Noir. I enjoyed that for awhile and then he came back and put me in the sling with the hitachi, dangling, on my clit. FUCK. Then hes gone. Um….wait….what if I squirt all over…will I get in trouble? Um…gotta do something about this position to get away from it. I rock the sling with my body forcefully back and forth until I can get away from the hitachi. Whew! Almost got in trouble there. Then I realize, wait…what if he comes back and I’ve wiggled away. Shit. Now…i already know two things about the situation. One…Noir is a handful so I’m pretty sure Hitachi will be busy. Two…I’m a NAUGHTY girl and if I’m already in trouble…might as well go all out. Time to get rowdy or sneaky :)

So…I slipped my foot out and turned off the hitachi dangling above me, with my toes. No consequence. Hmmmmmmm. He’s very busy. Cool. I gotta pee and I am able to reach the clips securing me so I unclip myself and sneak off to the bathroom. I hear Noir say “She gets to pee? No fair!” as I flush. Figuring I’m most definitely in trouble now, I hurry back to the sling to reattach myself. Nope I’m busted. What was my consequence??? Glad you asked. Hitachi brought a strapon (fuckin brilliant with it) and fucked me with it and I squirted too quick. Yes thats right…I was rewarded for my bad behavior. Hmmmm. Something tells me the next time I see Hitachi, he’ll have a different idea on consequences…

After playtime we lounged and enjoyed the afterglow of deviance…I love that feeling.

WHY AM I SO HONEST ON THIS BLOG? Cuz its fukin fun. Remember that?

I will link over to Noir’s blog for her version of events when I see its up…She has a completely different set of  likes, so I’ve no idea what happened…prolly a serious spankin??? Read Her Side of the Story Here…