DONT ASK FOR WHAT YOU DONT WANT? Something happened today…

I get a call. “Hi, I’m_____ and I saw your review on TER.” Um…WHAT? Er. HUH?

I’ve been laughing about how noone will ever review me, and someone finally did. WHO? Dont know yet. And…I cant read the “juicy details” so I dont even know what it says. Its a GOOD review, I know that. So, unless the responsible party reveals himself I cant thank him. Hmmmmpf.

But wait…why did I begin this with the “dont ask” quote? Well because.

TER is a review site for escorts and escort type stuff. I can only assume that the review is for strap or pros mass….thats all good. The part that made me CRINGE:the lengthy desciption of body type/etc. While true and honest…I cant say I was thrilled to see my tits described as “droopy”.

So, while we’ve seen the dramatic changes in Miss Fortunes over the time I’ve been posting (if you havent, go back to the July 7th posting where I revealed myself)…Im going to have to finish and do the boobjob earlier than expected. I need new boobs, fabuloso HUGE boobies. Must happen. Top Priority. Counting pennies.

 ^^^^^ “DROOPY”   :(